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The Aptify Mobile Point of Sale (POS) solution is designed for association staff members (aka "cashiers") to complete onsite orders for customers for both hard goods (books and merchandise) and soft goods (memberships, donations, etc.). The primary use case is a conference or event "bookstore" where multiple cashiers take orders using dedicated terminal or PC-based point of sale (POS) equipment to scan product barcodes, and take credit cards or cash as payment. Dedicated POS equipment poses problems because the solution is typically disconnected from the Aptify database and requires synchronization between the POS system and Aptify for the product catalog, pricing, member information, tax calculations, and transactions.

 The POS solution is an iPad-based system connected to the Aptify database. It is easily transportable and capable of supporting the functionality provided by point of sale equipment used today.

Product Support

By default, only publication products with Hard Shipment and Email distribution types are allowed through the POS Products service. If additional supported products are to be used, an administrator can modify the vwPOSProductsVirtual database object. Ensure that unsupported products are not available for the POS app.



The procedures for implementing and using the Aptify Mobile POS application are as follows:

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