The Informz for Aptify integration provides an effective way to harness the strengths of Aptify and Informz for effective and efficient eMarketing campaigns. Using Informz provides valuable deliverability services, advanced reporting, and campaign consultation from a dedicated Informz eMarketing Advisor.

This integration allows the sharing of information between Informz and Aptify, to deliver a robust solution. Market segments or lists of prospects can be imported from Aptify and be used for eMarketing campaigns in Informz. Emails constructed in Informz can now leverage the invaluable personalized information for each person, which is available in Aptify. Information regarding the mailing activity of these eMarketing campaigns and the subscribe/unsubscribe option of each person can now be tracked back in Aptify.

The configuration and use of the integration of Informz with Aptify are described in the following documents: