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 By following these steps, all the required components for Informz are now in place and it is configured to update the prospect list automatically based on the scheduled task frequency. 


Informz uses Aptify Web Services API to access the Aptify system. After the installation, please take care of the following:
1. Domain URL for Aptify Web - This is in the format Do not include /AptifyServicesAPI/services/Authentication/Login/DomainWithContainer/ at the end as Informz application automatically appends that. If Aptify Web service API is not running at /AptifyServicesAPI/services/, there will be connection issues.
2. Domain Username and Password - SQL username and password will cause connection issues as Informz assumes /Login/DomainWithContainer/ on the authentication request.


Do not include special characters in the Password such as quotation marks (“), apostrophe (‘), ampersand (&), less-than (<), and greater-than (>), as Informz application does not encode the password causing connection issues.