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4. Restart the following services 'Aptify 5.5 Asynchronous Processor'. The user should be able to use the application server with e-Business 6.0.

Configure Default Order Values

Customers who want to configure default order values for the order associated with the shopping cart are instructed to change the last step in the Process Flow ‘Ensure Active Cart Exists’.  If you open this Process Flow in the designer you may see the last step as a rule step with the label ‘Assign Default Values’ (pictured below)

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Unfortunately, this is an orphaned rule step that is overlaying the real final step of the process flow.  If you click and drag this step to a new position in the designer, you will see it is not wired up to the steps around it and the real final step is a sub process step named ‘Assigned Default Values To Order’ (pictured below).

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Customers can feel free to delete the ‘Assign Default Values’ step as it is no longer used.  This will avoid confusion with developers thinking the ‘Assign Default Values’ step is actually wired up, making changes to it, and not understanding why they are not being executed.