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  1. Open Smart Client.
  2. Check for Integration services added to the applications list.
  3. Open an existing or create a new Meeting-class product which you want to integrate with Freestone with Crowd Wisdom LMS (refer Creating a Meeting Type Class for creating the same).
  4. Open the corresponding product record and confirm that the available date from and to dates is set to active dates.
  5. Go to Web tab and check on web-enable option.
  6. Go to Meeting Logistics tab > Education Unit sub-tab and create Education Units. Refer Configuring a Meeting Product to Track Education Units.
  7. Go to Product Details > Integration Mapping > Create a new record.
  8. Enter Integration System ID which refers to Crowd Wisdom Integration or click on the search icon, it should display the Crowd Wisdom option.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Refresh the record.
  11. Observe Integration Record ID is auto-populated along with date updated and date created field in Integration Mapping tab.
  12. Close the record (Record ID is the same given in Crowd Wisdom web course ID).
  13. Save the product record.



Note: Same above steps to be followed for CMS and Non CMS and product should be purchased and shipped and that order will get displayed on Freestone on Crowd Wisdom site.