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We deployed the Aptify Web and e-Business 6 websites for CAI on a new sandbox server running Windows 2019. This was done by copying the sites instead of running through the installers. However, neither site would start due to various issues.

This page (How to setup Aptify Web, Ebusiness 553e-Business 5.5.3, or Ebusiness e-Business 6 without using an installer (Internal Use Only)) includes detailed steps on using this method to move websites and contained steps/fixes to all the items located below.


So the first problem is that the Application Pools cannot login to Aptify. In this case, we are using mirrored accounts for a DMZ or non-domain setup, so we have an Aptify_1 user on the web server mimicking the Aptify_1 user on the DB server. This link describes how to setup these accounts to work: 85360990Sample Aptify Web/e-Business 6 Troubleshooting story (One important item is they MUST have the same password)