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In Aptify 6.1, performance improvements has been done on Organizational GL Account.

Increase Field Size for ImportRunMappings.MappingField to 100

Aptify 6.1 has enhanced the generic import process by increasing the “MappingField” size to 100 characters on the subtype entity "ImportRunMappings" to match the DefaultMappingField on the ImportSourceColumns and run the generic import process successfully. (Issue 2741)


The following generic enhancement related new features have been included in Aptify 6.1:

Hovering on Most Recent Used Items must show the Record Information

Aptify Web 6.1 has enhanced the MRU configurations to provide the Entity Culture String Name Record ID and ID of the Record when hovered on an MRU entity/views item. These details will help a user to identify the Record ID of the MRU item and also its respective Entity/Service. (Issue 1650)

New User Wizard: Existing User profiles in the drop-down list must be Alphabetic Order

In Aptify smart client, the New User Administration Wizard has been updated to show the user profiles in the alphabetical order instead of as per the date created. This improvement is carried out by updating the existing stored procedure to get USERID sort by ascending. (Issue 2702)


  • Main toolbar
  • Login screen
  • Logout screen that allows returning to the Login screen.

Upgrade to Kendo UI Library

To support Aptify 6.1 features and bug fixes, the Kendo UI library and other third-party controls have been updated to the latest version. The Kendo UI Version available in Aptify web is v2018.2.516. (Issue 2584)


The following viewing system related new features have been included in Aptify 6.1:

Ability to Display Fields Linked to Other Services as Hyperlinks in a List View and open them in Aptify Web

Aptify 6.1 has provided the ability that will allow users in Aptify Web to open linked records directly from list view. The list view will display fields linked to other services as hyperlinks in a list view. In the properties of a view, under the Fields sub-tab, the fields that were enabled for hyperlink functionality has the Hyperlink checkbox checked by default and contains the Target Entity and Target Field values. The hyperlink functionality is disabled, and cannot be enabled, for entities that are embedded in one or more container entities via an embedded link field (For example, the Payment Information, Addresses and Phone Numbers entities). (Issues 3141)


This Attribute controls Hyperlink functionality at Global Level for this Entity. This can be overridden at ViewLevel by setting HyperLink Check Box 0/1 for particular Field from View Properties. Set this attribute value to 1 to enable hyperlink functionality in Entity List view by default. To disable default Hyperlink Functionality for Entity set it to 0. (Issue 3100)

Ability to track usage of view

In Aptify Web, Administrator will now have the ability to track the usage of all the views in the system to make decisions on unused views depending on the usage pattern tracked. Usage statistics can be on a ‘per view’ basis or can be run based on a dataset.


Whenever the user accesses a view from any control like forms, dashboards, other views, shared views, process flows, event handler, ServiceDatatObjectParameter, the above mentioned details are populated in ‘View Statistics’ Table. The details in View Statistics table is the reference data for administrator user to decide which views can be discarded and which ones need to be maintained.


This feature supports the tracking of View Statistics for the views used through Aptify Web and not from Smart Client.

Other than the views that cannot be tracked via view tracking as a result of view execution, we need to provide a list separately so that administrators know that although the view is not getting directly executed, they cannot be deleted because they are part of the system and without them, the feature will not function correctly.  

All the views that are used by the application internally will be marked as ‘Is System View’. Aptify 6.1 setup will take care of marking all such existing views as system views. An Administrator will not be allowed to delete the views marked as system view.  Tagging a view as System view will help administrators to avoid accidentally delete them and, in the process, break the functionality that those views may be used in. This will also include views used in process flows, event handlers, etc. Such stock views will be automatically marked as System Views by the 6.1 installerbe used in. This will also include views used in process flows, event handlers, etc. Such stock views will be automatically marked as System Views by the 6.1 installer.

To support this feature, we have one attribute - <add key="Aptify.Services.Views.EnableCaptureViewStatistics" value="true" /> in both Web.config and Aptify Shell.exe.config .

Attribute in Web.config

Whenever we create or use views in Aptify Web, we check the attribute value in Web.config to decide whether to track or not to track the statistics. This applies to execution of Service Data Objects i.e. If the 'viewID' is passed to Service Data Object, then views can be tracked.

Attribute in Aptify Shell.exe.config

For tracking View Statistics used in Process Flows, we check this attribute value. Here if the Process Flow is triggered from Smart Client, the View Statistics are logged.

Aptify Web: Enter Key Does Not Work with Prompted Views

In Aptify Web, there was an issue while using a prompt view. When any value is entered in text box and enter key is pressed on keyboard then the trigger functionality was not working. Aptify 6.1 updated the trigger functionality equivalent to clicking.

Automatically Highlight the View Prompt Placeholder Text in the Prompt Field

Aptify Web 6.1 has enhanced the Prompt views to automatically select the view prompt placeholder text (default value) when the user clicks in the prompt field. The user can type the new prompt value in the prompt field and does not require to delete the existing value manually. The auto select of the prompt value in the prompt field happens only when the user clicks inside a particular prompt field that already has text in the prompt field. If the user deselects the prompt field and does not carry out any changes, the previous prompt value is retained. (Issue 1836)



Please note that the view could be a regular list view, a prompt view (again can be of any view type), a chart's drill down view.

"Summary Data Table" tab introduced for the Chart View

Aptify Web 6.1 introduces the "Summary Data Table" feature for the chart views to provide a tabular representation of the chart view data. In the chart view data table, the rows represent the primary group and the columns represent the secondary group with individual cells displaying the summary as per the function defined in the chart view properties. The Summary Data tab appears only when the Show Summary Data table option is checked under the Data option tab. (Issue 3142)

Support the Entity Base view record packing and unpacking without unpacking without the need to pack/unpack the entity

CM tool has been updated to support entity base view record packing and unpacking without the need to pack/unpack the entity and perform the operations in one go. The end user can now unpack the pack successfully on the destination server and start using the unpacked base views. (Issue 1238)