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  1. Make sure that the BluePay Payment gateway has been installed as per instructions provided in Installation of BluePay Payment Gateway.
  2. Download the 'BluePayMigration.cmpack' to a folder on your database server.
  3. Log into the Aptify Smart client with the System Administrator credentials.
  4. Unpack the 'BluePayMigration.cmpack' with the CM Tool.
  5. After the unpacking process has completed successfully, the following database objects are created in your Aptify environment:
    1. 'spGetPaymentInformationRecords' in the Framework>Database Objects>All Database Objects.

    2. 'BluePayMigrationProcessFlow' in the Process Pipeline>Process Flows>All Process Flows.

  6. Navigate to the Database Objects service in the Framework application.

  7. Create the 'All Database Objects' view in the Database Objects service and locate the 'spGetPaymentInformationRecords' object record.

  8. Open the 'spGetPaymentInformationRecords' object record and verify that the stored procedure is applicable for the Standing Orders.

  9. Restart the Aptify Smart Client to reflect the new changes.

  10. Navigate to the Process Flows service in the Process Pipeline application.

  11. Create the 'All Process Flows' view in the Process Flows service and locate the 'BluePayMigrationProcessFlow'.

  12. Select the 'BluePayMigrationProcessFlow' and click the run button on the menu bar.
  13. Click the Run button to initiate the BluePay migration process flow and convert the existing credit cards to the BluePay token references.

    OldPaymentTypeIDsThese IDs are a comma-separated list of payment types that have credit card numbers stored for tokenization
    NewPaymentTypeIDsThese are the BluePay payment type IDs in which the converted to tokens are saved. Note: The number of old and new payment type ids must be same and the payment types must match internally( i.e., Visa-Visa, Mastercard-Mastercard) and the new payment type must be a credit card reference transaction type.
    MerchantAccountIDThese IDs are the IDs of the BluePay merchant account.

  14. After a successful process flow run the existing tokens will be converted to the BluePay token references for the Standing Orders SPM.



If your association has both Persons SPM and Companies SPM, make sure you run the 'BluePayMigrationProcessFlow' for each entity after the respective stored procedure is updated.

For Persons SPM

CREATE PROCEDURE spGetPaymentInformationRecords(@PayTypeID integer) AS

SELECT pinf.ID,p.FirstName, p.LastName, pinf.PaymentTypeID AS CardType,'' AS CompanyName, 'Person Saved Payment Method' AS EntityName, pspm.ID AS 'RecordID' FROM vwPersonSavedPaymentMethods AS pspm

INNER JOIN vwPaymentInformation AS pinf ON pspm.PaymentInformationID = pinf.ID

LEFT JOIN vwPersons AS p ON pspm.PersonID = p.ID

WHERE pinf.PaymentTypeID = @PayTypeID

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For Companies SPM

CREATE PROCEDURE spGetPaymentInformationRecords(@PayTypeID integer) AS

SELECT pinf.ID,c.Name AS FirstName, '[Not Specified]' AS LastName, pinf.PaymentTypeID AS CardType,c.Name AS CompanyName, 'Company Saved Payment Method' AS EntityName, cspm.ID AS 'RecordID' FROM vwCompanySavedPaymentMethods AS cspm

INNER JOIN vwPaymentInformation AS pinf ON cspm.PaymentInformationID = pinf.ID

LEFT JOIN vwCompanies AS c ON cspm.CompanyID = c.ID

WHERE pinf.PaymentTypeID = @PayTypeID

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