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There are two type of tiles that we support on the dashboard, 'Full' and 'List'. 'Full' takes up the full area and can show summary information on the dashboard, e.g. CRM, Opportunity. 'List' type modules or tiles are only buttons and do not have additional summary information on the dashboard. To change summary data for the 'Full' tiles, here are the steps:

  1. Open the 'Aptify Mobile Module' service from 'Framework' application
  2. Open the 'Aptify Mobile Module' record for a module that has a type 'Full'
  3. Identify the stored procedure under the field 'spName For Full'
  4. You can modify this stored procedure to match your needs.



Please keep a backlog/note of changes that you make, so that they can be re-applied if they are wiped/changed by the upgrade.


Additional Info:

For the Opportunities - spGetOpportunitiesCountByProperty
For the CRM - spGetCRMMemberCount
For the CRM landing page - spGetCRMLandingPageCounts
For Event - spGetEventsTileData
For Event landing page - spGetEventsRegistrationCounts