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The below list shows the different areas where we have instrumented logging Framework for Aptify:

  1. AptifyGenericEntity:
    Save InnerValidate FireEvent
  2. AptifySubtype.vb:
  3. AptifyExceptionManagement:
  4. AptifyProcessFlowEngine:
  5. AptifyAsyncProcessor
  6. AptifyShell.vb
  7. SOADataServicesTokenValidation

Structured Properties

As of the 6.3 release, the following structured properties exist.

  • UserContext - contains all the UserEntityRelationship entries on the user credentials object for the authenticated user.  For some log statements logged via services, the log statements will reflect the app pool user credentials.  This will happen in anonymous contexts, or if we are logging before we have processed the authenticated token.  
  • SourceContext - the class name of the object that created the logger.  Typically this will also reflect the object writing the log.  
  • Message - the message we logged
  • Exception - if an exception is being logged this will be the exception data.  

Note:  these properties should be considered experimental, and there are plans to refine them in upcoming releases to better improve the logging experience.  

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