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After a successful scheduled task run as per Working with Scheduled Tasks, opportunity records are automatically created in the Career Center Views and a log file is created in the Report Output Location. Staff users can perform the following tasks:

Each opportunity record created will automatically create a related person record if there is no duplicate record found. For example, if a candidate opportunity record is created, a person record for the same candidate will be created automatically in the Persons service and will be linked with created opportunity.

Review Log File

The staff users can navigate to the Report Output Location and view the log file created after each scheduled task run. The log file provides the below details if the record(s) are not imported into Aptify system:

  • Career Center Unique ID
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Reason for not importing

Working with Prospect and Raw Leads

Staff user can review Opportunity records created in the Career Center Prospective Leads and Career Center Leads for Review views and close them as per the requirement. For more information on how to work with Opportunity records, manage them and close them, see, Managing Opportunities.

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