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The Aptify distribution files include a ZIP Code Update utility that updates Aptify with the latest U.S. ZIP Code and congressional district information.

Follow these steps to update the system's U.S. ZIP Codes after you have successfully installed or upgraded your Aptify software:

  1. Open the Utilities > ZIPCodeUpdate folder in the Aptify software distribution package.
  2. Double-click AptifyZipCodeUpdate.exe to launch the utility.
  3. Enter login information for your database server. Specify an account with system administrator privileges.
  4. Review the information on the utility's Welcome screen and click Next to begin installing the update. 
    • The Welcome screen indicates the date of the ZIP code update. 
  5. Be patient while the utility updates the system's ZIP Code information, and click OK when a dialog box indicates that the updates were successfully applied.
  6. Click Exit to close the utility.
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