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This topic describes the step-by-step procedure to install the GDPR Utility wizard in Aptify with the Configuration Migration (CM) Tool.

The procedure for configuring GDPR Utility is described in the following sections:

GDPR Utility Configuration Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements to configure and run the GDPR utility in your system:

  • Make sure that you have the or later version of the CM Tool installed by checking the version number of AptifyConfigurationMigrationUtility.exe.
  • Make sure that you have SQL Server 2012 or later installed.

GDPR Utility Configuration Procedure

Follow the below steps to install the GDPR Utility wizard:

  1. Download the AptifyGDPRUtility ZIP file to a folder on the database server and unzip its contents.
  2. Log into your Aptify environment with Administrator privilege credentials and has system administrator role.
  3. Launch the CM Tool from the Aptify Desktop client environment. 
  4. Select 'Unpacking' option from the 'Configuration Migration Utility' pop-up window and click 'Ok'.
  5. Log into the Aptify environment where you wish to configure the GDPR Utility with Administrator privilege credentials and has system administrator role.
  6. In the 'Pack Path', browse and select the AptifyGDPRUtility.cmpack.
  7. In the Set Default Value tab, make sure that all the Utility records are available.
    Set Default Value Tab
  8. Click the 'Unpack' button to start unpacking the AptifyGDPRUtility.cmpack.
  9. After the process has been completed successfully, close the CM tool.
    Successful Message
  10. Copy these files from the GDPR Utility's DeploymentDLLs folder to the Aptify Program Files folder for the computer from which you will run the Aptify desktop client:
    1. Aptify.Utilities.PersonalInformation.dll
    2. Aptify.Utilities.PersonalInformation.UI.dll
  11. When finished, launch the Aptify desktop. You can find the GDPR Utility Wizard in your Aptify system. See Location of the GDPR Utility Wizard for more information.

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