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The Aptify GDPR utility wizard helps an organization to anonymize a person record with the request from a person for deleting their record from an association's database (right to be forgotten). It also provides an ability to export the person record's data into a machine-readable format (XML).  

This document must be used by an Administrator who has a clear understanding of the GDPR compliance.

Following are the Aptify versions that support the GDPR Utility wizard:

  • Aptify 6.0 & higher versions
  • Aptify 5.5.6
  • Aptify 5.5.5
  • Aptify 5.5.4

Note that the first release of the GDPR Utility (as of May 1, 2018) is available for use on the Aptify desktop only. Future releases will support the utility on Aptify Web.

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