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For associations that utilize a YM Careers job board, the YM career center solutions integration is a member acquisition tool that feeds constituent information to association staff whenever a non-member enrolls in the job board as a job seeker or a company posts job listing. This solution ensures you have visibility and recruitment access to the individual and company data right in Aptify AMS. You can then qualify person/company records and market your membership solutions to them in one central place.

The primary features of this integration are as follows:

  • Automatically create new leads whenever a new job seeker enrolls or a company posts a new job posting.

  • Data captured in YM Careers is added to leads to help connect with and acquire new members.

  • Imported leads are automatically segregated into Prospects and Raw Leads by performing automated duplicate checks.

When you have set up YM Careers integration as per YM Career Leads Configuration, you must run Scheduled Tasks at the defined intervals to create or update leads in your Aptify system. Staff users can work with new leads or raw leads and close the opportunity records with respective status. Lead Source is populated with YM Careers on all leads created from YM Careers so you can distinguish them from leads created by staff or other integrations.


  1. Keep up to date on any new information having leads that are automatically updated with new data from YM Careers

    Unknown User (swapnil.doshi)Venkatesh Aucharla, can you clarify what this means? To me, it seems to imply that we keep the leads information up to date with any new information from YM Careers. But this is not true. We just do a one-time import of non-duplicate leads at this time. Additional information will be imported in the next phase of integration.

    1. Sapna Bhat We've removed this bullet point and added a new one that talks about segregating the leads into Prospects and Raw Leads

      Unknown User (swapnil.doshi)