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There are three Entity Attributes (configured in an Entity record's Configuration > Attributes tab) that determine packing behavior:

  • SupportsPacking: When set to 1, the entity appears in the Data Packer. When not specified, an entity does not support data packing.
  • PackingUniqueKeyList: Comma-delimited string of entity fields. During an unpacking operation, all values for the listed fields must be identical for two records in order for these records to be considered a match. If not specified, record matching is based on record name only.
    • A record's name corresponds to the entity field that has the Is Name Field option checked.
    • For example, two Process Flow records that have the same Name and the same Category are considered a match by the data unpacking process.
  • PackingEntityRelations: Name of related entity whose records should also be packed when the selected entity's records are packed.
    • For example, the Process Flows entity has Process Flow Steps as the packing Entity Relation. Therefore, when a Process Flow is packed, the corresponding Process Flow Steps associated with the Process Flow are also packed. This relation is needed since only the first step in a process flow is actually linked to the Process Flows record (subsequent steps are linked to its preceding step).

       Process Flow Entity's Packing Attributes
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