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This sample part illustrates how an administrator can create a part that interacts with an Aptify e-Business website to allow recipients of a message to update their address directly from the received email. Since this part uses HTML code, it only has an HTML implementation (there is no corresponding Plain Text version). This part rendered a person's address information in a series of text boxes that can be modified and then submitted back to the e-Business server when a recipient clicks the Submit button.

The rendered preview for this part is shown below. Keep in mind that this part is not functional by default; it requires a Web developer to create a page that can process the update information back into Aptify and requires an administrator to update the part to specify the correct website URL where updates should be directed.

Address Update Part

The Address Update Part was originally intended to allow association members to receive an email, and then enter information from within that email, that would be passed on to the Aptify database. Due to increased security awareness, such as disabling input boxes and active scripts within common web browsers, this approach is unlikely to work and is no longer recommended. Security best practices also strongly advise organizations to require that all users be authenticated before being given even indirect write access to an Aptify database.

Note that even if a user is able to authenticate, the baseline e-Business site does not include a page that can be called by the email and used to process any data changes.

Our current, recommended approach, is to include a link in the email to the e-Business site, where the user can log in and be redirected to an update page. Any submitted data could be stored in a staging entity, and then reviewed and validated before being committed to the Aptify database.

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